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Still around

It’s been two weeks since I wrote my last post on this blog. I’m still around. In two more weeks I will be moving to Finland, Helsinki to be precise, and moving arrangements are quite absorbing these days. I’m packing stuff and found things I couldn’t even remember about (that’s how it works), and now that I’m almost done it’s sad to see the apartment empty. Anyway, life moves on and so am I.

Before moving, I will be 5 days in Lucca, Italy, for the Lucca Comics and Games fair (sorry for the website, it’s in Italian). I hope I will enjoy and relax a little bit before the great jump into a foreign country.

I also have a huge project involving a brand new website about videogames, but I will probably talk about it early in November.

Bye for now. Have a nice life you all!

Finland Flag Official



A few days vacation and here is what I am going to miss more about Italy. Food. I spent three days in Umbria, central Italy. I visited Città di Castello, Umbertide and Gubbio. I had a very good time with my girlfriend, expecially in Gubbio – astonishing Medieval city – and I had some remarkable food in some very nice restaurants. Here are my advices:

Osteria San Florido (Città di Castello) – Great food, small price. You can eat typical central Italy food, particularly mushrooms and truffle dishes. I had a “tagliata” (that is medium rare or rare slices of beef) with green pepper and olive oil. Amazing. Great desserts too.

Ristorante Amici Miei (Città di Castello) – Again, typical central Italy food, mushrooms and truffle dishes are great. You can’t miss their “salumi” (cold meat) made with boar, stag and other game as starter. Amazing cheese! One of the guy at the restaurant invented a dessert that looks like a muffin with chocolate (inside and outside) and black truffle: something you have to try!

Gubbio - Italy

Gubbio landscape