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Save Community!

I just read that NBC is going to stop Community‘s third season starting from January 2012. According to this article, it seems that this new season (airing in USA since mid-September) has had a consistent drop in ratings and thus NBC is going to stop the series, one of the most critically acclaimed of the last seasons, until further notice. A NBC representative told that the series will be aired again within the end of the 2011-2012 season (spring?).

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Community, and as a fan I invite everybody who feels disappointed with this NBC’s decision to subscribe the Save Community petition at this URL: If you don’t have Facebook, or just like me don’t want this petition app to have full access to your Facebook profile, just leave your name and e-mail and country, and that’s done. Spread the word!

Community - NBC TV series


The Fighter

The Fighter (2010)
Directed by David O. Russell
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams,
I’m the one who’s fighting. Not you, not you, and not you.” (Micky Ward – Mark Wahlberg)

The Fighter (2010)

The Fighter is as sweaty as the shirts its characters wear, as dirty as Dicky’s voice when he sings to calm down his mother, as quick as the narrow camera movements, as violent as making a choice between the family and you.

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How did Marty and Doc became friends?

I found this on Twitter (thanks to anyone who retwitted it). I’ve had a Back To The Future marathon two weeks ago. I’ve seen the first movie maybe 10-11 times. I don’t think number 2 and 3 match up with number 1, but they are nonetheless entertaining and well done.

Back To The Future - How did Marty and Doc Became Friends

Anyway, here is how Marty and Doc became friends before the events described in the Back To The Future trilogy.

Okay, from the horse’s mouth (yes, I’m the horse — er, co-writer, co-creator): We never explained it in the movie. But the history of the characters that Bob Zemeckis and I created is this…

For years, Marty was told that Doc Brown was dangerous, a crackpot, a lunatic. So, being a red-blooded American teenage boy, age 13 or 14, he decided to find out just why this guy was so dangerous. Marty snuck into Doc’s lab, and was fascinated by all the cool stuff that was there. when Doc found him there, he was delighted to find that Marty thought he was cool and accepted him for what he was. Both of them were the black sheep in their respective environments. Doc gave Marty a part-time job to help with experiments, tend to the lab, tend to the dog, etc.

And that’s the origin of their relationship.

This is how Bob Gale, co-creator and co-writer of the trilogy, puts it in an interview at I must admit I never asked myself about it, but it’s quite funny to see how movie and fictional characters has a sort of life of their own that goes far beyond the screen.