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Back in October I wrote about a “brand new website about videogames” and after a lot of working here it is:

It’s just a website about Pc Games from a Pc Games lover (me), so it’s not meant to be complete, 100% reliable or a souce where someone can find everything about this Pc Game or that. It’s a (hopefully) nice place where I (and hopefully you) can talk about Pc Games I like, I would have liked, I hate, I would have hated and so on. It’s also a website open to collaboration and networking, so if any Pc Game lover happens to be a blogger too, just write me an e-mail at the address you’ll find in the Contact page and I’ll be more than happy to answer you.

Of course, I’m not quitting Knot In A Web, that is something more personal. Certainly, you will find here less posts about Pc Games.

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Dragon Age Redemption

In the last few weeks of transition, I had the possibility to take a look at Dragon Age Redemption, the web series that is set in the Dragon Age universe and that stars Felicia Day (we all love her for The Guild) as Tallis (that is also the main character in the last Dragon Age 2‘s DLC, Mark of the Assassin). Bioware has made a lot of work to expand Dragon Age brand in time and throughout different media, not always with brilliant results: Dragon Age 2 (and its DLCs) has disappointed many Dragon Age: Origins fans (including me) and the two books from David Gaider (that was also Lead Writer for Origins and previously worked on games like Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) are, to say the least, poor. Anyway, if you have the time and a bag of patience to go deep into different Dragon Age products, you will find a very well built setting where fantasy stories perfectly fit and on which almost everything can be built. This is one of the reasons why Dragon Age Redemption is worth a look.

Dragon Age Redemption: Felicia Day as Tallis

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Heroes Of Neverwinter

I’m not a great fan of Facebook games. To tell the truth, I had never played a Facebook game, except some Zynga Poker, since I thought they were much for casual gamers, not very deep in storytelling and, in one word, boring. In the last month I decided to try two new Facebook game, famous brands’ spin-off: Civilization World and Heroes Of Neverwinter. While CivWorld didn’t manage to get me past the first few minutes of play, I’ve spent some good time playing Heroes Of Neverwinter, but finally gave up, since Facebook games’ freemium policy is simply irritating to me.

Heroes Of Neverwinter Logo
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A Game Of Thrones Genesis – Gameplay and First Impressions

A Game Of Thrones Genesis hit the stores yesterday. As I told in this post, Cyanide didn’t do a great marketing job in promoting the game (and its release), so I chose not to buy Genesis on day 1. Anyway, since yesterday I’ve been reading forums and surfing through major websites to gather information just to know if the game is worth buying. The first players seem to agree: the game is poor in graphic, but it has some features you can’t find in other RTS, and these features make the game quite a challenge.

A Game Of Thrones Genesis - Gameplay Screenshot

Read early players’ opinions and watch gameplay videos

Skyrim – voices, perks and collectors

A bunch of news from the most awaited videogame in this end of 2011.

First, some of the actors that are going to give their voices to the game’s characters have been announced, and we are talking about great actors and actresses know worldwide.

  • Max Von Sidow (whom we already heard in the trailer) will be Esbern, narrator and member of the Blades (an ancient warrior society once sworn to protect the Emperor);
  • Christopher Plummer will be Arngeir, a Greybeard elder;
  • Joan Allen will be Delphine, another member of the Blades;
  • Lynda Carter will be Gormlaith Golden-Hilt;
  • Michael Hogan, Vladimir Kulich, Claudia Christian, Diane Louise Salinger, Renee Victor and George Coe are in the voice cast as well.

Skyrim - perk trees

Find out more about abilities, perks and the collector’s edition

A Game Of Thrones Genesis – New Trailer

A Game Of Thrones Genesis will hit stores one week from now, September 29th. I discussed what we know about the game so far in this post. I’ve raised my doubts about the game, since very few has been shown and told and the whole project is quite ambitious. Anyway, today Cyanide has released a (quite) new trailer with footage from the previous teaser and some gameplay. Not exactly convincing or explanatory, but well, here it is.

Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay

So, Diablo 3 Beta has gone Live yesterday, and I do hope I’ll get an invitation (even if I don’t really count on it). Hype is raising. Here is a lucky user’s 50-minutes long gameplay video directly from the Beta (lucky user’s nickname is Ohmwrecker). Enjoy!