Dragon Age Redemption

In the last few weeks of transition, I had the possibility to take a look at Dragon Age Redemption, the web series that is set in the Dragon Age universe and that stars Felicia Day (we all love her for The Guild) as Tallis (that is also the main character in the last Dragon Age 2‘s DLC, Mark of the Assassin). Bioware has made a lot of work to expand Dragon Age brand in time and throughout different media, not always with brilliant results: Dragon Age 2 (and its DLCs) has disappointed many Dragon Age: Origins fans (including me) and the two books from David Gaider (that was also Lead Writer for Origins and previously worked on games like Baldur’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) are, to say the least, poor. Anyway, if you have the time and a bag of patience to go deep into different Dragon Age products, you will find a very well built setting where fantasy stories perfectly fit and on which almost everything can be built. This is one of the reasons why Dragon Age Redemption is worth a look.

Dragon Age Redemption: Felicia Day as Tallis

Dragon Age Redemption is created and written by Felicia Day herself, directed by Peter Winther (who has been a producer for movies like Stargate, The Patriot, Independence Day) and cinematographed by John Bartley (X-Files, The Visitors, Lost). It’s about Tallis (Felicia Day), an elven qunari assassin that has been demoted because of her compulsion to deviate from orders, chasing an outlaw qunari saarebas (Doug Jones) whose aim is to conquer the world. On her path she meets Cairn (Adam Rayner), a templar that has a personal reason to chase the saarebas, Josmael (Masam Holden), a daelish mage trying to retrieve a daelish relic the saarebas has stolen for his own purposes, and Nyree (Marcia Battise), a reaver mercenary.

The episodes are about 7-8 minutes each. The rythm of the series is good, the special effects quite poor, but I don’t think we could actually expect more from a web series (they are anyway better than Xena‘s or Hercules‘). The first six episodes have been released so far and I must admit I’m quite into it: the story fits in the Dragon Age setting, there are a couple of brilliant dialogues that try to go deeper into characters backgrounds and the action scenes are pretty good. You can find the first episode at the end of this post and the other on YouTube official channel. Enjoy (and let me know what you think about it)!

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