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A Game Of Thrones Genesis – Gameplay and First Impressions

A Game Of Thrones Genesis hit the stores yesterday. As I told in this post, Cyanide didn’t do a great marketing job in promoting the game (and its release), so I chose not to buy Genesis on day 1. Anyway, since yesterday I’ve been reading forums and surfing through major websites to gather information just to know if the game is worth buying. The first players seem to agree: the game is poor in graphic, but it has some features you can’t find in other RTS, and these features make the game quite a challenge.

A Game Of Thrones Genesis - Gameplay Screenshot

Read early players’ opinions and watch gameplay videos


A Game Of Thrones Genesis – New Trailer

A Game Of Thrones Genesis will hit stores one week from now, September 29th. I discussed what we know about the game so far in this post. I’ve raised my doubts about the game, since very few has been shown and told and the whole project is quite ambitious. Anyway, today Cyanide has released a (quite) new trailer with footage from the previous teaser and some gameplay. Not exactly convincing or explanatory, but well, here it is.

A Dance With Dragons

During my University years, I used to walk in bookstores in my spare time to find out new titles and authors, turning over the pages of different books to see if they could catch my interest, touching them, even smelling them (it may seem quite fetish, and maybe it is, but anyone who loves books not only for what’s written in them but also as objects will understand what I mean). I bought many books this way. And this is how I got to know A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin some 10-11 years ago.

I read the books available at the time in very few days, then I waited almost one year for the third book (that had been splitted into three books in Italy), three further years for the fourth (that had been splitted into two books in Italy) and five further years for the fifth, that has been released worldwide in English on July, 12th. This is the bad thing about becoming keen on sagas that have not yet been ended by the author. You must be patient and wait. And maybe, in the meantime, read the first books more than once, so that you don’t lose the thread.

A Dance with Dragons is the fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire. The long awaited fifth book. The one fans have longed for so many years after having been (partially) let down by the fourth, where Martin decided to pause the main charaters and plots to take us all in different areas of Westeros and to introduce us new points of view and stories. The one where we meet again Queen Daenerys, Lord Commander Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister, three of the most beloved characters in a saga that sees the number of names and points of view constantly growing. The one where we eventually know about the fans’ nightmare that has been known as “Meereenese knot”, the reason why this book took so long to the author to be written. I finished the book two weeks ago and here are my thoughts about it (SPOILER ALERT – if you don’t want SPOILER about the book and the saga don’t read beneath the dragon).

A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

My thoughts about A Dance With Dragons (with SPOILERS)

A Game of Thrones Genesis

So, A Game of Thrones Genesis, one of the two video-games based on George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Cyanide is developing, has a release date. The game will be available September, 29th.

A Game of Thrones Genesis

Find out what we know about Genesis so far

A Game Of Thrones RPG

I’m a huge fan of George R. R. Martin’s book saga A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m now reading A Dance With Dragons, the fifth book in the saga. I will probably finish it this evening (just the Epilogue to go!) and review it in the next days/weeks. I’m also a great fan of HBO’s TV-series Game Of Thrones, whose first season aired last spring and whose second season is currently in the shooting process.

I first heard about Cyanide making a video-game out of Martin’s books some one year and a half ago. In this period, Cyanide have doubled the number of games in development inspired to the fictional word of Westeros (aka The Seven Kingdoms), announcing both a RTS and a RPG, but has given away very few information about A Game Of Thrones Genesis (the RTS), which is due on the third quarter of 2011 (so, I suppose, this month). A few days ago, I found this video on my Twitter stream and I decided to share it, along with some remarks. It’s a documentary (in French) about the making of A Game Of Thrones RPG. Enjoy.

Find out the game features (in English)