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Still around

It’s been two weeks since I wrote my last post on this blog. I’m still around. In two more weeks I will be moving to Finland, Helsinki to be precise, and moving arrangements are quite absorbing these days. I’m packing stuff and found things I couldn’t even remember about (that’s how it works), and now that I’m almost done it’s sad to see the apartment empty. Anyway, life moves on and so am I.

Before moving, I will be 5 days in Lucca, Italy, for the Lucca Comics and Games fair (sorry for the website, it’s in Italian). I hope I will enjoy and relax a little bit before the great jump into a foreign country.

I also have a huge project involving a brand new website about videogames, but I will probably talk about it early in November.

Bye for now. Have a nice life you all!

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In the almost constant stream of announcements we had during last weeks (Amazon, Apple, Google, HP, …), one of the potentially most interesting and useful tool of the web has gone through a restyle in the shadow. (it’s now, but I used to love the old URL), probably the most popular social bookmarking web services, has been bought by AVOS System (the Company founded by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen … anybody said YouTube?) back in April, and at the end of September it launched with a new look and a new feature.

I joined in 2006, when I was starting to have a lot of interesting websites and pages to store somewhere and to access from everywhere. I used it a little in the beginning, then I froze my account for some 4 years, since I really didn’t find the service as useful as it promised to be. I didn’t exactly know the reason I stopped using it at that time, but I simply found out I did not go through my past bookmarks as frequently as I first thought.

Last year I logged into once again. The need to store information was at a high level and I really needed a tool (a web tool) to help me with it. Unfortunately, for the second time failed to satisfy me. I then started to figure out why it did so. And that was the reason why I surfed through the net and found tools like WebNotes, Diigo and Amplify. None of these web tools are state-of-the-art, but each of them is a few steps ahead, even after its last restyle and the introduction of “Stacks”. - Social Bookmarking Logo

Read why failed to satisfy me (and possibly many other users)

Heroes Of Neverwinter

I’m not a great fan of Facebook games. To tell the truth, I had never played a Facebook game, except some Zynga Poker, since I thought they were much for casual gamers, not very deep in storytelling and, in one word, boring. In the last month I decided to try two new Facebook game, famous brands’ spin-off: Civilization World and Heroes Of Neverwinter. While CivWorld didn’t manage to get me past the first few minutes of play, I’ve spent some good time playing Heroes Of Neverwinter, but finally gave up, since Facebook games’ freemium policy is simply irritating to me.

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