In the almost constant stream of announcements we had during last weeks (Amazon, Apple, Google, HP, …), one of the potentially most interesting and useful tool of the web has gone through a restyle in the shadow. (it’s now, but I used to love the old URL), probably the most popular social bookmarking web services, has been bought by AVOS System (the Company founded by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen … anybody said YouTube?) back in April, and at the end of September it launched with a new look and a new feature.

I joined in 2006, when I was starting to have a lot of interesting websites and pages to store somewhere and to access from everywhere. I used it a little in the beginning, then I froze my account for some 4 years, since I really didn’t find the service as useful as it promised to be. I didn’t exactly know the reason I stopped using it at that time, but I simply found out I did not go through my past bookmarks as frequently as I first thought.

Last year I logged into once again. The need to store information was at a high level and I really needed a tool (a web tool) to help me with it. Unfortunately, for the second time failed to satisfy me. I then started to figure out why it did so. And that was the reason why I surfed through the net and found tools like WebNotes, Diigo and Amplify. None of these web tools are state-of-the-art, but each of them is a few steps ahead, even after its last restyle and the introduction of “Stacks”. - Social Bookmarking Logo

The fact is that bookmarking is an old way to store and share information. Its static, its unconvenient, its time wasting, and above all it does not help to access information in the long term. When I bookmark a webpage, I usually bookmark it for some lines, a quote, an idea, a particular video or picture, and I don’t want to go through the full webpage once again to find what I was really interested in. Because time is precious and information is constantly growing. This is true if you are a student, if you are a blogger, if you do a job that requires up to date information, if you want to find the best way to prepare a perfect Italian Lasagna, and so on. To make the long story short, if you are a Internet user.

Social bookmarking, the way does it, is old too. How many times you find on your Facebook Wall a link whose description is a quotation from the page linked? Wouldn’t it be more simple if you could share the quotation and not the whole page? Or just that particular picture? Or a version of the webpage where your friends/colleagues/family will find your notes and thoughts about what the author has written?

I will not go deeper into details about the new the new “Stack” feature (a sort of playlist of links), the new user interface, the bugs it had on day 1 (you can read this article if you care about this) and the anger its users experienced. I won’t since in my opinion fails in its foundation and is quite far from 2011 Internet users’ needs. I’ll just say that new is no big deal, no revolution, no re-launch: it’s just a try to revamp a tool that was already old 5 years ago.

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