A Game Of Thrones Genesis – Gameplay and First Impressions

A Game Of Thrones Genesis hit the stores yesterday. As I told in this post, Cyanide didn’t do a great marketing job in promoting the game (and its release), so I chose not to buy Genesis on day 1. Anyway, since yesterday I’ve been reading forums and surfing through major websites to gather information just to know if the game is worth buying. The first players seem to agree: the game is poor in graphic, but it has some features you can’t find in other RTS, and these features make the game quite a challenge.

A Game Of Thrones Genesis - Gameplay Screenshot

Here are some early players’ opinions from the Steam forum and from the Tower Of The Hand open thread.

I buy too many games on steam btw, especially with sales and special deals. Many games are duds and I only play 10-20 minutes before I realize I made a mistake. This game isn’t one of them and I am having a great time especially with the first stage diplomacy/subterfuge aspect of the game. Finally, the lore is perfect and in the single-player game you play through famous story-lines referenced in the Game of Thrones.

 It is slow – even during all out war. This is not a standard RTS – the speed is nowhere near C&C level, for instance. Gold seems to come in slow based on the movement speed of merchants/distance of towns. Food is required but so far seems plentiful.  Economy and diplomacy factor in greatly.

Ok so ive played the game for some hours now, but still not quite sure about it. Its definately got some glaring faults, but on the whole is an enjoyable game.
Good points first – It has a lot going on in it. There are a large amount of units that you can control, that do very unique things. There are two distinct game periods – peace and war – which really helps give it the feel of the seven kingdoms, with all the underhanded plays going on during peace time. It has a fun way of winning – rather than just wiping out the enemy, its the first person to reach 100 prestige points, which can be gained through getting allies, earning gold, taking control of septs, killing enemy units, and completing unique challenges. The maps are fun – there is one senario map which is the whole of Westeros, and its nice seeing all the castles and towns as each of the seven houses try to win them all.
The bad points however, are quite frustrating – There is no save game option, so you can only stop playing when it decides to save at certain checkpoints. Movement of troops compared to other actions is far too slow, so once you notice an enemy doing something, it takes far to long to get to them in an attempt to counter it. The viewing angle is akward, its sometimes hard to find your troops on the map, or see everything you need to at once.


 Its not a bad game, but its definitely not a great game. If you’re expecting something with a lot of action, this isn’t the game for you, its very political and diplomatic, and in my experience confusing as hell.
The diplomatic/political side might sound cool, but its presented in such an odd way.. heres an example. 
You start with one Large castle, and there are cities and mines and castles to form alliances with, you send an “Envoy” to a city, castle or mine, and it will form an alliance with them. However, the enemy can send a spy at anytime to form a “secret alliance” with the city, so you will think its your city, but really the enemy is gaining all the benefits from that city. To discover this you must send a spy of your own to that city.  Another example, is you can form a “blood alliance” by wedding a Noble Woman to a city, and then the enemy can’t use a spy to form a “secret alliance” on that city, however they can send an assassin to kill the noble woman, then take over the city.

The first thing I have to say about this game is it is complex very complex. I have played the tutorial and the first two missions of the game. The graphics are good the water effect is especially nice. The tutorial can be skipped since the first missions seem to rehash the tutorial in a far more enjoyable way. The story starts with the landing of Nymeria which is very cool. I have to agree with bluerose’s comments about typos I noticed them and that is saying a lot I never notice crap like that. My only complaint so far is you cannot manipulate the camera enough.

Campaign: The game supports a campaign, which it looks like to me has 8 stories and so far the first 2 stories have 5 scenarios each. the first scenario deals with Nymeria and her landing in Dorn. the second (which is what i am on) deals with the war of conquest and the Targaryen landing and take over of the seven kingdoms.
House vs House: this mode is what your gonna be playing after the campaign and is basically a series of maps (including a full map of Westeros 8 players) where you pick a house and use all the elements you learned in the campaign to take win the game. i have played only 1 multiplayer game which was 3v3 me and 2 others against 3 AI opponents. i enjoyed it and we won but since we were a team we didn’t go too far into the secret alliances etc. those elements look like would make multiplayer really interesting.
Gameplay: first of all the graphic are bad…think age of empires 2. if you can get passed that the plethora of agents you can employ and ways you can take over a city are huge.


Probably the best thing to do is waiting for the game to get a discount on Steam (it cost 39.99€ now), since some of the features (intrigue, diplomacy, alliances and so on) seem worth a try. Some minor bugs and long loading times have been reported, these will hopefully be fixed by a patch. The Multiplayer part of the game seems particularly interesting and challenging, due to the fact that brute force is not so important in this game.

The user Dukely has uploaded on YouTube a lot of gameplay videos. I embed the first one in this post and invite you to visit his channel for the others (Dukely YouTube Channel). Enjoy!

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