Amazon Kindle Fire?

Tomorrow is the day of Press Conference, the one where, as many believe, the first tablet from the worldwide known bookseller will be announced. It’s a Conference to look at with interest, since many people think that the new Kindle Fire (this should be the name of Amazon’s Tablet according to this article.. quite an aggressive name) could be the first and unique real competitor for the Apple iPad.

Amazon Kindle Fire announcement event invitation

At the beginning of September, MG Siegler wrote an article at TechCrunch where he described his first experience with a prototype of the Kindle Fire. According to Siegler, and other articles you can find on the web, Amazon’s Kindle Fire is expected to be a 7-inch capacitive touch screen device running a forked version of Android and it should have a price around 250$.

The screen will be full-color and back-lit. The Android version running on the device will be completely different from the usual Android you find on other tablets. The interface will be very much Amazon and Kindle like. The processor should be single-core, the storage capacity 6GB (with the possibility of an SD card expansion) and it should be wi-fi only.

But the most important and significant thing about Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be the way people who will buy it will access content (books, music, movies, and so on). Amazon has clearly understood that content is what make a tablet successful or not and is planning a way to compete with Apple’s App Store for the iPad.

Books will be accessible via a particular Kindle App, music will be available via the Amazon Cloud Player, movies and tv series will be streamed via Amazon’s Instant Video Player and application will be sold in the Amazon’s Android Appstore. All this content is promised to be just one-click away in Amazon’s Kindle Fire and most of this content will probably not be stored on the device (hence the low storage capacity) but will be delivered in a “cloud” way. Interesting, isn’t it?

One of my first post on this blog was about the failure of HP tablet and the difficulties similar products from other companies (Samsung, Motorola, Acer, …) are having if compared with the incredible success of Apple’s iPad. Now analysts are looking with great expectations at the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, thinking it will have a sell potential of 2 to 5 millions units in the Christmas period.

Charles Arthur on The Guardian (article) explains why Amazon could be a real competitor for Apple:

Two simple reasons: Amazon is a conduit to lots of content; and, just as importantly, it already has a way for you to buy content from it. […] Apple and Amazon are familiar as transaction handlers: Apple has 200m iTunes accounts, of which a very significant number have credit cards attached. Amazon isn’t quite as big, but for people in North America and Europe, it’s a company they trust with their details.

If you combine these Amazon’s distinctive feature with the price (again, it should be somewhere around 250$, half the cost of the basic Apple’s iPad), you can clearly spot where Amazon could be successful unlike other Apple’s competitors.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire should be released in November (just in the heart of the Christmas season). A 10-inch version, probably with better hardware features, will then be released in 2012 if the first 7-inch Kindle Fire will be a success.

  1. September 28th, 2011

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