Facebook Timeline

During F8 Developers Conference yesterday, Facebook announced the new users’ profile, which they named Timeline. Of course, I couldn’t resist trying it right away and here are my first impressions and feelings about this new Facebook revolution.

Facebook Timeline - My Profile

The visual impact of the new Facebook Profile is great. I must admit Facebook guys did a great job in trying to make it simple to use, easy to understand and user-friendly. In Timeline, you must have heard about it by the time you are reading this, there is all your Facebook life, since the beginning.

On the right there’s the “Years List”, that goes from “Now” down to “Born”. It also includes the years in which particular events in your life you decided to share on Facebook took place (the year you graduated, the year you got married, the year you changed your job, the year you were born …) and the years you’ve actually been on Facebook updating your status, sharing your pictures, telling your stories.

The first great features about Timeline is that you can add things in the past. If you want to add a picture of your graduation ceremony or a picture of you in the cradle, just click on the year (or on “Born”) and you will be able to do so, also commenting, sharing or editing this part of your life.

Facebook Timeline - Edit your past events and stories

You can add things in the past (everything from status to pictures, from places to milestones, from life events to work events … I will talk about these a few lines later) simply clicking on the year and then on the line that symbolizes your life timeline in the point you want your content added (a “+” will appear on the blue line).

Facebook Timeline - add content in your past

Back to the top of your Timeline, the first thing you see is the Cover (“a unique image as the cover for your timeline”), your Profile Picture, your “About” information such as the place you live in, the company you work for and so on, and then three buttons. Update Info is used to change your “About” information; Activity Log is a private log for all your activities on Facebook where you can surf throughout your updates and “feature”, “allow” or “hide” them in your timeline (you can also “feature” or “hide” an update on your Timeline simply clicking on it in the main view); the Option button allows you to “view your profile as” (a feature that has been improved and that is now more simple to use) or to add a Facebook Profile badge to your site.

Just underneath these three buttons you find your Friends, your Photos, your Likes and some spot where you can place all the apps you need.

Facebook Timeline - where to place your apps

Keep scrolling down and you have your most recent activities along with the “What’s on your mind” blank space. A few icons have been added to the update your status box. From left to right: Work and Education, Family and Relationship, Living, Health and Wellness, Milestones and Experiences.

Facebook Timeline - Status Update

So, in addition to a regular status update or content sharing, you can now post some particular events in your life and mark them as important in a particular field of your life. If you click on “Living”, for example, and then choose “Moved”, a pop-up will allow you to describe your event and even attach pictures to it.

Facebook Timeline - Add a life event to your status update

Well, my first impression on the new Facebook Profile is without any doubt positive. Timeline manages to deal with a great amount of information (status updates, life events, pictures, content sharing, …) in a easy and user-friendly way, making it quite simple to do what you want to do with it.

The possibility to go through your past updates is great, as is the possibility to add events, pictures, stories or whatever in the past, making Facebook even more a life journal you can share. The last improvements regarding sharing and privacy features (that I discussed in this post) have been important in this respect, allowing users to share stuff only with those people they actually want to share with.

Timeline is certainly a great change in how people perceive their Facebook Profile. Yesterday I used my Profile only to see my last updates and to check if someone commented on them or liked them. With Timeline, my Profile turns into an album, a place where I can actually store my life.

When will Timeline be available? At the end of the opening tour, I’ve been asked if I wanted to move to Timeline or to return to my old Profile and wait until Timeline releases on Semptember, 30th. I’m not sure about this date, but it’s something to begin with. I’ll keep using Timeline and try to keep this blog updated with all possible announcements that will follow.

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