Skyrim – preview videos

Bethesda has released three preview videos of their most awaited crpg Skyrim, which is due 11.11.11 (two more months to go!). Many of the features you can find in these videos had previously been seen in the video leaked at Quake-Con (and removed from YouTube after few hours). Anyway, Todd Howard comments are precious and the game seems really worth having on day1. The videos show the XBOX360 version of the game.

The first video is about the improved game engine of Skyrim. Awesome. Howard also tells us about the use of the two hands in the game (the possibility to combine two spells of the same type into a more powerful one is amazing), about the 13 standing stones the character can use to improve some of his features and about the character menu (with particular reference to inventory and perks). We also see some combats, some riding and the village of Riverwood, with some NPCs that seem very well designed and scripted. Enjoy!

The second video is about Bleakfall Barrow, one of the over 150 handcrafted dungeons we will find in the game, each with its misteries and stories. Here we see some more combats, a betrayal that gives us access to a particular quest and a puzzle to solve. At the end of the video we also see how to learn a Word of Power, particular sequences of words in the old language of Dragons that will grant the character great powers. Enjoy!

The third video is about Dragons. The combat with Dragons seems particularly challenging and well done (notice how the Dragons move to avoid our spells). We also see the Word of Power previously learned in action. Enjoy!

Hype rising! Smells like GOTY …

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