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In the last few months I’ve felt more and more the need to store the web pages I read (and which are of some interest to me) in one single place where I can access them easily. Needless to say that “browsers’ favorites” is not the tool for me: it is somehow “local”, while I was looking for something more “free”. I therefore tried to go back to del.icio.us, which I used some years ago, but once again I was not fully satisfied (and in my case “being not fully satisfied” is the first step in the very sad path also known as “giving up”, when it comes to technology in general).

What I was really looking for was a tool that would allow me not only to store web pages on the web, but also to annotate them, highlight crucial sentences and points (so that I don’t have to read the whole page again to remember why I saved it), store them in folders, share them with friends and co-workers and access them wherever I go. I started Googling and one of the first result was Web Notes, a tool I now can’t imagine my weblife without.

Web Notes - A tool to annotate and share web pages

There are three different pricing plan for Web Notes: Lite (that is free), Pro (35$ a year or 5$ per month) and Platinum (300$ a year per user). Here you can find the plans’ description and features. I signed up and take advantage of the 2-week trial with all the features available. I dragged and dropped the button in my toolbar in Google Chrome and the job was done!

All you have to do when you come across a webpage that you want to annotate and share is click on the button and use the tools in the bar that appears just beneath the browser toolbar. You can either choose to add a sticky note to the webpage, to highlight the webpage, to bookmark it or to share it (via e-mail, permalink, Twitter or RSS feed). You can also choose the folder where you want your annotations saved, so that you can keep them organized however you prefer. Once the job is done, you can move on in your websurfing and visit My Web Notes later in order to access the information you need (you can do this by simply clicking Web Notes logo in the Web Notes toolbar in the web browser).

The Web Notes organizer, that you can use to organize and edit your notes and bookmarks, is user-friendly and very intuitive. Here you find the list of all the things you stored, so that you can sort them and put them in folders, change the title of the pages to make it more pertinent to your interests, drag and drop pages from one folder to another, and so on, in a way that is very similar to a file explorer. With a PRO and Platinum account, you can also upload PDFs and annotate them. Whenever you click on a page you saved and annotated, the original page opens in a new tab (or window) with all the annotations in it.

I’m enthusiast about this tool, that is very useful for people who gather their information about different stuff on the web (anyone said ‘bloggers‘?). Here are some features I would like to find in the future and that will definitely convince me to go PRO!

  • Possibility to split notes about a webpage in different folders in the organizers – at the moment, each webpage in the organizer is a block of information. Suppose I have this note about a webpage that I want to move to a different folder, without moving the whole webpage (and the other notes on it). This is something that would be very useful.
  • Possibility to edit notes directly in the organizer – at the moment, you only edit notes navigating to the original page.
  • More integration between the corkboard and the organizer – at the moment, you have a corkboard in the “My Web Notes” area on the website that you can use to take notes not linked to any particular page. So you can use the corkboard as a to-do list, or just to write down some ideas for your next post or article or job. It would be nice if this corkboard would be more integrated with the organizer. For example, when you take a note on the corkboard you should be able to associate it to a particular folder or, on the other hand, when you are navigating one particular folder it would be nice to have the possibility to open your corkboard to take some notes about things you have to do that are related to the folder’s topic.
  • Mobile apps – now that I have it on my PC, I can’t wait to take advantage of its features also on my tablet and smartphone (and I think that would be an app worth paying for).
If you want to share thoughts about Web Notes or other similar web tools, you are welcome to do so in the comments below. Always looking for new webtools that improve my weblife!
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