A Game Of Thrones RPG

I’m a huge fan of George R. R. Martin’s book saga A Song of Ice and Fire. I’m now reading A Dance With Dragons, the fifth book in the saga. I will probably finish it this evening (just the Epilogue to go!) and review it in the next days/weeks. I’m also a great fan of HBO’s TV-series Game Of Thrones, whose first season aired last spring and whose second season is currently in the shooting process.

I first heard about Cyanide making a video-game out of Martin’s books some one year and a half ago. In this period, Cyanide have doubled the number of games in development inspired to the fictional word of Westeros (aka The Seven Kingdoms), announcing both a RTS and a RPG, but has given away very few information about A Game Of Thrones Genesis (the RTS), which is due on the third quarter of 2011 (so, I suppose, this month). A few days ago, I found this video on my Twitter stream and I decided to share it, along with some remarks. It’s a documentary (in French) about the making of A Game Of Thrones RPG. Enjoy.

Here are some of the features of the video-game (also taken from the article accompanying the video):

  • the story will take place during the events told in the first book of the saga, A Game Of Thrones;
  • the video-game will not be about the events told in the book, but it will be somehow a parallel story (that George R. R. Martin himself has approved);
  • the story will be divided into chapters – 16 chapters, 20 to 30 hours of play as a whole;
  • there will be two main characters that the players are going to play and they are not from the books;
  • the first one is Mors, a Night Watch with a huge dog (somehow the players will have the possibility to play in the dog’s POV in some parts of the video-game, either by sneaking behind a foe to kill him or by tracking down other characters) who is looking for a woman;
  • the second one is Alester, a Red Priest that has been on exile for many years and that returns to the Seven Kingdoms to get back his family lands after his father’s dead;
  • there will be some main characters from the books (Mormont, to say one – I suppose we are talking about the Old Bear) as long as some of the places Martin has described in his own books (The Wall, King’s Landing, Castle Black);
  • due to an agreement between Cyanide and HBO there will also be some features from the TV-series, like characters’ voices, settings and so on (even if the video-game is in an advanced state, so this agreement will not be so crucial for this title);
  • the gameplay will be action-oriented, with real time combats and the possibility to slow them down to make significant strategic choices (just like The Witcher 2);
  • the dialogues will be Mass Effect like, with multiple choices that will change according to the situation and PC’s attitude and past decisions;
  • there will be four different endings, so PC’s choices are going to influence how the story will develop;
  • the characters’ aspect will be chosen by players when Mors and Alester will come into play (the first chapter for Mors, the second for Alester);
  • there will also be different skills, gestures and powers to unlock during the game, not to mention points to distribute in the different abilities;
  • there will be three classes available for Mors (Magnar, Knight Errant, Landed Knight) and for Alester (Archer, Sellsword, Water Dancer);
  • obviously, there will not be magic in the game, even if Alester will be able to use fire in some ways;
  • for what concerns graphic, Cyanide choosed to use the Unreal Engine.

As far as we’ve seen, A Game Of Thrones RPG is quite far from the state of the art of modern video-games. The graphic is quite rough, the cutscenes are not particularly brilliant (that blood is so fake, the combat dynamics seems particularly not believable)  and nothing in the documentary has striked me. The roleplaying features have not been revealed yet, but so far the game seems more an Action RPG than a Standard RPG, and this does not fit very well in Martin’s settings, where swords are rarely unsheathed and wits and diplomacy are often more useful. I think it’s a good choice not to set the story in the regular events each reader knows and to tell us something different (Martin’s approval is a guarantee on this point): new characters, new plots, news intrigues.

The game is due on early 2012, so there’s still plenty of time for Cyanide to work on it and improve it. Looking forward to hear news about this and A Game of Throne Genesis.

  1. Hey man,

    It’s quite interesting to see a video game being made straight from a book; i’m curious to see if they get it right..

    Nice post though man, very informative!

    Also, i’m a bit of a noob on wordpress; how do you get posts on your main page to have a ‘read more’ button, instead of displaying the entire post? It’s really bugging me..


    • The Writer
    • September 5th, 2011

    Hi Ben, thank you for your comment!

    The “Read more” feature is in the text box in your edit post page. Between the “Unlink” and the “ABC” icon, there’s the “Insert More Tag” icon (you can also insert the “More” tag with ALT+SHIFT+T).

    Hope this will help you! ;)
    Have a nice day

  2. Thanks for the help!

    Keep up the good work :)

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